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The SOS Environment mobile application of the Vietnam Environmental Incident Response Center (SOS Center) was born with the top priority function of supporting people to quickly and accurately notify the spills of petroleum, chemicals to relevant authorities in the province about the incident occurring at the facility where they work or observe. The process and list of authorities that need to notify the incident is based on Article 13, chapter 3 of the Decision 12/2021 on promulgating the Regulation on oil spill response activities, which is programmed and selected automatically to find out. competent authorities closest to the incident site.
Not only that, in order to prevent potential incidents in the future, it is extremely necessary to check and review the oil and chemical spill response capacity of the facilities. There are shortcomings in the inspection and inspection of establishments operating in the province, or only statistics on paper through the annual reports of the facilities sent to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, making the prevention of hazards. The lack of equipment and supplies for troubleshooting of facilities containing large amounts of oil and chemicals is always present. Building a database to manage statistics on the number and location of all equipment and supplies or statistics on incident response personnel will be an effective plan to help the Commanding Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and The province’s search and rescue can assess the response capacity of facilities in the province and promptly mobilize forces when necessary.
Outstanding advantages of the application:
– Design and build a mobile application on smartphones with the function of notification and emergency reporting of oil or chemical spills in the province, along with the function of locating the location of the incident. incidents, safety instructions for victims, prevention of possible fire and explosion hazards.
– Build a database of capacity to respond to oil or chemical spills for each agency, enterprise, factory or company at risk of incidents in the province.
– Build a mapping system of the province that integrates sensitive map data (if provided), real-time hydro-meteorological data and location data layer of facilities at risk. oil spill incident. The data classes are decentralized to use according to different administrative objects.
– Building a legal library on Laws, Decisions, Decrees, legal documents in the field of petroleum and chemicals. The library is regularly updated and provides quick lookup for users.
– Periodic training, capacity building to respond to oil and chemical spills for officials and employees working in the petroleum and chemical fields by an online training program compiled by SOS Center and teaching.

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