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An Sinh application acts as a direct bridge of the People to the Vietnam Fatherland Front – HO CHI MINH CITY. People can through An Sinh to directly send their urgent requests to the Vietnam Fatherland Front – HO CHI MINH CITY to receive support. The types of urgent requests People can send directly through the application include: Request for essential relief, request for medical assistance when needing an ambulance, oxygen tank, medicine, medical equipment serving the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, emergency requests for emergency situations.

Anh Sinh also provides a feature to track the status of requests so that People can understand detailed and specific information for each request that People have sent. Have the concerns like the People’s request been received by the Vietnam Fatherland Front – HO CHI MINH CITY? Specifically, when was it received? Any requests that are pending, approved, invalid, or completed are recorded and specifically notified to People.

In addition, An Sinh also provides shortcuts to help People quickly access useful groups such as: charity groups, medical support, free meals, community support during the pandemic. so that users can directly contact or users can directly send requests to the application to receive timely help, advice and relief.

With feature
With the built-in SafeID (lite) feature, Nhan Dan can update their personal safety information and manage their exposure history and risks related to Covid-19 in real time.

The SafeID (lite) feature included in An Sinh works on the principle of a social network, centered on the user’s safety status and contact history. The user’s safety index will be evaluated based on 3 main indicators: Self-health declaration index, contact history safety index, Covid-19 test safety index and 1 secondary index. : Safety index of the place of residence. All user information related to risks from Covid-19 will be updated in real time with the application’s tracking matrix to provide useful information, effective warnings to support. real-time users.

In addition, users can also interact with each other, interact with destinations to record contact history, publicize health status to protect themselves as well as protect society.

An Sinh is completely FREE for People

Outstanding features of the application:
• Directly send People’s requests to the Vietnam Fatherland Front – HO CHI MINH CITY through the application.
• Track the specific and detailed status of all submitted requests.
• Update information about your health status and risks related to Covid-19 in real time.
• Interact with other users, destinations, and organizations that use SafeID via QR codes.
• Submit a request for relief, medical assistance directly on the App.
• Connect with useful groups.
• Contact mailbox.

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